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Announcing the Datameer + Snowflake Partnership

Datameer announces partnership with Snowflake to enable customers, regardless of programming skills, to model and transform data in Snowflake. This was originally published...

  • Press Release
  • January 25, 2022
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How to Create an Agile Analytics Process: RIP, Star Schema

Having the proper data modeling and transformation tools will help you create an agile, modern analytics process. This post was originally published on TWDI, Transforming D...

  • TDWI
  • January 24, 2022
Insights Through Data

New SQL tool for Analysts on Snowflake: Datameer

Over the years, I have been monitoring the analytics software market with a quite simple requirement: I am (still) looking for a tool to let me generate full data pipelines...

  • Insights Through Data
  • January 5, 2022

How to Generate Customer Success Analytics in Snowflake

Here’s a quick demonstration on how to generate quick insights on customer success data in Snowflake using the platform Datameer. This post was originally published o...

  • Dzone
  • January 3, 2022

Best Practices for Transforming Data in Snowflake

Some helpful hints to get your data where and how it needs to be, here are some of the best practices for transforming data in Snowflake. This article was originally publis...

  • Dzone
  • December 22, 2021
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Drag And Drop Data Analysis With Datameer: A Walkthrough

One of my data engineering team members was working on a new requirement from the business. And he happened to encounter a relatively new SaaS tool from an already establis...

  • Towards Data Science
  • December 3, 2021